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  1. he did some awesome seasons with inter especially in the champions league

  2. “We were not willing to take Dolce away from that hospital and her doctors. Everton did not understand that – they thought that I was just staying here for the money. Dolce was the reason that I wanted to stay…” – What a great but unlucky player. I remember watching him back then and saying to myself “I should watch this guy more often he’s fucking great”. But then I never really had the chance to do that… 🙁

  3. The past two years have not been far off a living hell for van der Meyde, whose baby daughter Dolce has suffered with a serious bowel complaint that has meant she has needed almost constant hospital attention. Every day after training, van der Meyde would, like any doting father, sit by her bedside, doing all he could to help ease Dolce’s pain.

  4. vd meyde heeft zn talent vergooit. slechte mentaliteit. intussen veel geld verdiend maar wat hij er mee gedaan heeft…. doodzonde, want het is n klassespeler, vooral die messcherpe voorzetten, heeft iets van john vh schip

  5. What total idiot puts this tasteless noise as accompaniment?
    Get RID of this SHIT, ’cause it doesn’t FIT!

  6. Ajax at these years has great players like vander meyde vander vaart ,sneijder ,ibrahimovic and
    daniel de ridder .
    but now no

  7. only played good with ajax, then going to inter where he was only good for the bench.
    kid that gets sick very bad, drinking (maybe drugs). Now hes useless on the pitch.
    very sad career.

  8. dom van hem dat hij niet veel eerder is weggegaan bij everton, dan kon hij nog echt goed in vorm komen. Nu heeft hij 3 jaar haast niet gespeeld en is hij al 30.

  9. nice vid and what a great player. if he didn’t left he would be one of the best wingers EVER

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