The former Dutch international and Everton midfielder Andy Van Der Meyde has said that he almost destroyed his life with sex, drugs, and cocaine. Andy Van Der Meyde was one of the high-profile signings for the Everton manager back in 2005. He was brought from Inter Milan for around £ 2.5 million, with wages of around £ 30,000 per week thrown in as well. However, his four years at the Merseyside was extremely forgetful after he managed to bring an end to his career in the most bizarre way. In his about to be published autobiography, he has revealed about the various things he has done as the Everton midfielder that led to the downfall in his career and personal life.

Andy Van Der Meyde said that Everton manager David Moyes met with him at a hotel in Brussels and offered him around £ 30,000 per week as wages. Since it was double the amount of money he was earning at Inter Milan, Andy Van Der Meyde decided to jump ship to the Premier league. However, his life in the Premier league was constantly filled with run-ins with the manager and also not getting along with the captain Phil Neville.

“They offered me £30,000 a week — more than double my pay at Inter Milan. The worry about my daughter determined my last two years at Everton. I wasn’t able to focus on the Premier League or the world around it. Going out became an even bigger part of my life. My buddies had the solution — cocaine. I took cocaine and liquor and in Liverpool you can party seven nights a week. It is a life-threatening city if you can’t put up your own boundaries. I realised Liverpool could become my death so I had to leave,” said the midfielder in his autobiography.