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  1. @Qubografica We talk about 20 years ago, Chernobill is archivied and the USA won the 2° world

  2. i know now but he came to ajax first to train with them so i thaugt he would go to ajax. ;p

  3. he’s a great player,no doubt about it,its just that david moyes doesnt care how great a player you are if you go out on the piss the night before a match your not getting played!

  4. If he didn’t go on the piss so much he would of been fit to play. Why would a team with such a small sqaud want to stop a player on 40,000 a week from playing?

  5. Peccato averlo visto per così poco tempo all’Inter… e peccato anche averlo visto rovinarsi con le sue stesse mani…
    Resta comunque un grande

  6. look. the proof is in the pudding. just because he played well 4 years ago in another country don’t mean shit. the guy has just basically sat on his contract at everton and done jack shit. and now he can fuck right off.

  7. Shandy is an utter disgrace to football. He managed only 12 EPL starts and 8 subs during his 4 years at Everton. Caveat emptor. He needs to join a 12-step programme rather than another English club.

  8. Moest bij Ajax blijven, was toen die tijd mijn lievelingsspeler. Na ajax werd het niks meer..

  9. He was joke ! , I hate him .. how could inter take him for 3 yrs !! .. Forzza inter mourinho

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