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Van der Meyde speaking about Koeman

Former Everton midfielder Andy Van Der Meyde has stated that the Everton fans will really appreciate their new manager Ronald Koeman.

He said that the manager loves to play an attacking football that is both entertaining as well as effective. The former midfielder said that fans would be looking to come back to Goodison to be entertained.

Ronald Koeman has replaced Roberto Martinez at the start of the season and so far has been doing well for the Merseyside team. Indeed, Everton is still unbeaten after three games, and there are signs that the club is improving. It is too early in the season to assess the impact of Ronald Koeman on the team but so far it has been a good start to the season.

Everton fans believe that the new manager will be able to take the club to another level after the disappointment they have experienced under Martinez. They believe that Koeman has had enough time to work with his players and that this is showing on the pitch. Fans will be hoping that Koeman will be able to take the team to Europe next season. Read more »


Former Everton midfielder Andy van der Meyde has backed incoming manager Ronald Koeman to succeed at the club following the sack of former manager Roberto Martinez.

Van der Meyde told club’s website that the new coach would win back the supporters of the club when his style of football starts yielding results.

Koeman was announced this week to take over from Martinez, following his two years that has produced decent results for Southampton. The Dutchman consolidated on the foundation laid by current Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino. He took the team to a seventh place finish in the 2014/2015 season and took them higher to the sixth position this past season. The finish becomes the highest for The Saints in top flight English football since 1985. Read more »

Updates On FC Twente And Ajax Footballers

The team manager of FC Twente started his career as a team leader at the age of 26 and his farewell brought all the former players of FC Twente come together.

The players requested for a video for the team manager to make his farewell a memorable one. Some of the players who were present for the farewell were Andy van der Meyde, Theo Janssen and Roberto Rosales. Renes was their former leader and he has mastered in English and this was very well described by Wout Brama. The goalkeeper Nick Marsman spoke a few words on behalf of the entire team, which stated that they would miss the cigarettes air in the office.

Andy Van Der Meyde who is a retired footballer of the Dutch was known for his winger skills. The latest news confirmed that this winger has 5 daughters and he married to 3 women. However, as per sources the player is leading a good life and there are no issues as far as his personal life is concerned.

Jari Litmanen who was the former footballer who played for Ajax has written a biography, wherein he has shared his experience about Ajax period. He was one of the experienced footballers who played with many young talents like Wesley Sneijder, Maxwell, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and of course the renowned winger Andy van der Meyde. Read more »

Forget about the Bundesliga, Pep Guardiola wants and needs the Champions League

Ever since Pep Guardiola arrived to the Allianz Arena as the new manager of the German club in January of 2013, Guardiola has managed to win 2 successive Bundesliga titles which is a fairly impressive accomplishment but fans and their own players are expecting to see more.

The Champions League is the biggest and most important title that any club can win and this is what Pep Guardiola has to achieve in order to fully alleviate and take a break from all of the pressure that is surrounding him.

To be completely fair, Pep Guardiola did bad luck in the Champions League of the previous season after his 2 star players: Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben both were unable to play due to injuries and had to miss out from Bayern Munich’s Champions League match against Barcelona which concluded with the Spanish club claiming the victory.

Bayern Munich has been defeated and eliminated from their 2 previous Champions League seasons and these eliminations arrived during the semi-final stages of the European competition. Read more »

Messi and C.Ronaldo are best Players ever

Messi and C.Ronaldo are undoubtedly the 2 players who are considered to be the best from the past 10 years. This past decade has been a battle between both performers with each player marking their name in the history-books not only for their respective clubs but for the sport in its entirety as Lionel Messi became the only player ever in winning 4 Ballon d’Or titles meanwhile C.Ronaldo is following him closely behind as the Portuguese star has the prestigious individual award on 3 occasions and he became the first player hailing from Portugal that has managed on accomplishing that.

Both players have dominated the world of football for the past years and this can be evidenced by the fact that Ricardo Kaka has been the only other player who has been able to lift the Ballon d’Or title and the Brazilian attacker was capable of doing that back in 2007. From there on out the world of football has been pitted in a war with Messi and C.Ronaldo being at the center of the spotlight.

However, according to the former Everton player Andy van der Meyde he believes that ZlatanIbrahimovic is right up there along with Lionel Messi and C.Ronaldo in terms of ability and talent.

Andy van der Meyde said: “Ibrahimovic is one of the best players in the world with Messi and Ronaldo. He is such a big and strong guy. He can be an intimidating figure. Plus he has amazing technique as well for someone with a big body like his. He’s the type of player who wants to win at all costs. He is arrogant, but that’s him. It’s a positive sort of arrogance if you ask me. He is a true great.” Read more »


A 6th place position in the Eredivisie League and last place in their Champions League Group H, this Ajax is not the same team that used to wipe their opposition and claim victories despite what obstacle was in front of them.

Ajax is set to face Celtic in the Champions League group stages and a victory is what they need to keep hopes alive on advancing any further. Barcelona are at the top with 7 points and Ac.Milan follow close behind with 5 points meanwhile Ajax are struggling having only secured 1 point so far.

When Louis van Gaal was in charge of the team, Ajax was much more focused on training young players and they still are concentrating on doing just that but due to the fact that Ajax needs to sell in order to survive, it’s taking a big toll on the Dutch side.

Trying to promote young, homegrown players is a routine which has become standard for them. During the match Ajax played against Celtic some weeks ago the only player that was older than 24 was Christian Poulsen meanwhile all the other were young players even some making debuts while this is not a bad thing it just describes the man weakness they are suffering which is having an energetic fast paced team that lack experience.

Similar to many matches like Barcelona endured in which they enjoyed having more than 60% of possession it was the same thing when Ajax played against Vitesse in their Dutch league fixture that saw them having more possession but still losing 1-0 they need the clinical edge that can once more put them at the top of their game and transform themselves into one of the best teams in the world.